The PlugSE is designed to serve as a bridge between the host and the synth and in principle the PRO 3 should be connected directly to the PlugSE via MIDI. By default, most of the VST hosts are set to grab all MIDI ports on startup and this may create a connection problem for PlugSE users.

If you are using a Windows PC many MIDI interfaces including PRO 3 USB MIDI are not multi-client - this means that ports can be opened and used only by one application at a time. It also means that in practice, after you start the host application the host may first access and open MIDI ports that your synth is connected to and prevent the PlugSE from accessing the same ports later on.

Here is what you should do:

- Start Ableton,

- Go to Ableton preferences/devices and disable both PRO 3 USB MIDI IN and USB MIDI OUT.

- Run PlugSE

- Go to PlugSE MIDI Setup and select  PRO 3 USB in and out. At this point you should have it ON-LINE.

To establish proper MIDI communication between Prophet PRO 3 and the PlugSE/Editor:

Please make sure that the Global Parameters are set MANUALLY (not through the computer) on PRO 3 as follows:

MIDI Controller Enable: ON

MIDI Parameter Send: NRPN

MIDI Parameter Receive: NRPN

MIDI Sysex Enable: ON

MIDI Sysex Cable: USB or MIDI (depending on your connection)

MIDI Out Select: USB or MIDI (depending on your connection)

Also, please make sure that the MIDI track channel has the same MIDI channel as PRO 3 MIDI Channel or MIDI channel is set to ALL.

- In Ableton, select the MIDI track and configure PRO 3 PlugSE for track's output.


- Configure PRO 3 PlugSE for track's input if you using PRO 3 as input.